BonafID provides a federated identity and access management platform for NREN Communities. 

About BonafID

A cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) platform for RENs

Why BonafID

Surveys have shown that many campus networks do not have a single source of truth for authentication and authorisation data. The information is stored across several online and offline databases in over 70% of them.

Identity and access management (IAM) is vital to today’s digital infrastructure. Higher education institutions manage identity data for different person groups acquired from various sources and employed in numerous digital systems. An organised and efficient system eases the management of this data and makes it possible to avoid duplicates and improve data protection and security. 


Open Source

Built on mature best-of-breed open technologies for reliability and sustainability.


Trusted and Secure

Control access to user devices and applications securely with community-governed infrastructure.


Proven architecture scales from hundreds to millions of users

Reduced Cost

Save time and money with reduced administrative workload and increased efficiency.


Flexible identity lifecycle management and self-service for users

Rapid Digitalization

Enables provision of advanced digital services and scholarly resources for accelerated digital transformation.

Cyber Resilience

Enables adaptive access, risk level assessments and provides reliable protection against all cyber threats.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) & Single Sign On (SSO)

Reduces the risk of stolen or misplaced passwords and enable an additional layer of security.

Improved efficiency and time-saving

Facilitate policy-guided processes that simplify users' data management for improved efficiency.

Benefits to Users

Seize the opportunity to leverage our Identity and Access Manager's benefits in your Organization.

University Leaders

Simplify User Access Management across your campus systems with our Identity and Access Manager. Our solution streamlines administrative processes, from student portals to faculty databases, saving you valuable time and resources.

IT Managers

Enhance your campus network’s defences against cyber threats. Implement multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and real-time monitoring to detect and prevent unauthorised access attempts, safeguarding your sensitive data from potential breaches.


Elevate your security, access, and collaboration capabilities. Join your fellow researchers who have already embraced our solution to take your research to the next level.


Deliver a superior user experience to your patrons. Our Identity and Access Manager allows single sign-on, enabling a frictionless login experience across various library platforms.


No more juggling multiple usernames and passwords. Our Identity and Access Manager provides a single sign-on solution, giving you easy access to various campus platforms, including course materials, library resources, and student portals.

Partnering for Success

BonafID is being developed on a foundation of open source software to empower NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) and their technology partners to collectively contribute to developing, the emerging trust and identity framework in Africa.

This open co-sourcing strategy is reinforced with stakeholder governance and community building to ensure that the service delivers collective benefits without restrictions.

Who can use bonafID?

Support for NRENS, Institutions and Users

If you're looking for technical advice about deploying bonafID in different situations, please use the links below to find the appropriate information.

  • Institutions contact their NREN where one exists to join the service or contact BonafID if one is yet to be established in the country.
  • Students and Staff from educational institutions can create a BonafID account for their eduID.  They control all the personal aspects of the digital identity and can make an affiliation request to their institution.   Register in the bonafID portal here - Create Account!
  • IT Managers get their eduID, contact their NREN where one exists to join the service or contact BonafID if an NREN is yet to be established in the country.

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